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Earn continual 30% commission for all your successful referrals*. Join the program for free.

* Successful referrals are purchases completed by a customer using a unique referral partner code at the time of purchase.

Here’s What We Believe

1. Opportunities should be free for everyone!

Our Referral Partner Program is FREE to join. All you have to do is apply online and wait to be approved. Currently our Referral Program is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. If you reside out of our available countries and wish to join, please contact us at

2. Work should be rewarded forever!

    You will be rewarded a 30% commission for every referral that results in a paid subscription to the All Class Info Standard or Pro plans. You will continue to be rewarded a 30% commission each time a subscriber successfully renews their plan. So ya, we reward you with continual Passive Income.

    About The Program

    Program Details:
    • Earn a 30% commission for every successful sale referred by you. Earn a 30% commission every time that customer renews their subscription plan.
    • Commissions are paid monthly, after a 30 grace period incase of refunds on sales.
    • Program is currently only available in the US and the UK.
    • There is no limit on referrals nor commissions you can earn.
    • The Referral Partner Program is free to join.
    • Get a free All Class Info Pro Plan ($120/year Value) after you make your first 5 successful referrals.
    • The Referral Partner Dashboard lets you track your marketing results, commissions and payouts.

      How It Works

      1. Apply

      Apply online for consideration into the Referral Partner Program. You will be notified via email once you are accepted.

      2. Begin Referring

      Share your Referral Link and/or Referral Code. When someone signs up using your Referral Link or Referral Code, you will get rewarded for that sale.

      3. Get Continually Paid

      All your commissions will be added up each month and then paid to you via PayPal.

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